Mental fitness is a measure of your ability to handle life’s challenges.

When you’re mentally fit, you use your mental abilities to the fullest extent. Mental fitness enhances your creativity, ability to manage stress and anxiety, and ability to cope with mental health challenges.

Take the first steps to improve your mental fitness today.

👉 Step 1: Discover your Inner Saboteurs

Saboteurs are the voices in your head that generate negative emotions in the way you handle life’s everyday challenges. The first step to conquering your Saboteurs is to identify them and expose their lies and limiting beliefs.

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👉 Step 2: Track your Mental Fitness Score

PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient) is the measure of your mental fitness. It’s the best predictor of how happy you are and how well you perform relative to your potential. With practice, you can build powerful new muscles in your brain and boost your PQ.

Take the PQ Score Assessment to get a measure of your mental fitness and identify the areas where you want to improve: PQ Score Assessment

👉 Step 3: Explore the PQ Program & Sign up

Sustained change towards a more positive mind requires laying down neural pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice. And that’s what the PQ Program empowers you to do.

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My Wealth

Do you associate wealth with money? I do struggle with the concept at times. Then I remind myself that I have enough. For me, it comes down to making the conscious decision to be happy in the Now. Because NOW is all we have. The past is a memory and the future is an imagination. Most of the time, I have all I NEED in the very moment I am in. It is often the WANTS that I want (!) to pursue.

To remain still and just be, let the moment be all I want – that is happiness for me. My wealth is my happiness, the feeling of being enough, and of having enough (or more than enough), right now.


How about you? Where lies your wealth? And what are your thoughts about this week’s posts?


Manuela Zeitlhofer | Authenticity & Mental Fitness Coach


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Changing Course Fluidly

Flexibility is the key to common sense and success

A battleship had been at sea on maneuvers in heavy weather for several days. The captain, who was concerned about the deteriorating conditions, stayed on the bridge so that he could keep an eye on all activities. One night, shortly after dark, [the fog was getting even thicker] the lookout on the bridge suddenly shouted, ‘A light, captain, bearing on the starboard bow.’
‘Is it steady or moving astern?’ the captain asked.
The lookout confirmed that it was steady, which meant that the battleship was apparently on a dangerous collision course with the other ship.
The captain then called to the signalman, ‘Signal that ship: “We are on a collision course. Advise you change course 20 degrees north.”’
Back came the response from the other ship: ‘You change course 20 degrees south.’
Annoyed at the arrogance of the response, the captain said, ‘Send: “I am a captain, change course 20 degrees north.”’
‘I am a seaman second class,’ came the reply, ‘you had still better change course 20 degrees south.’
By this time, the captain was furious. He shouted, ‘Send: “I am a battleship. Change course 20 degrees north.”’
Back came the flashing light: ‘I am a lighthouse.’
The captain changed course. (Tales for Coaching, 133)

(photo by Ethan Dow, Unsplash)



What cannot be moved? What CAN be moved?Answer (?)

What represents the ‘fog’ for you? How could you lift this fog?Answer (?)


Manuela Zeitlhofer | Authenticity & Mental Fitness Coach

Coaching Boosts Your Success

I think it’s not just how good you are now,
I think it’s how good you’re going to be that really matters. …
(Great coaches) are your external eyes and ears,
providing a more accurate picture of your reality

Atul Gawande

Coaching can be beneficial at any stage of life. Coaching can greatly increase our awareness of the status quo. It can boost us into and support us in making the necessary changes, so we achieve goals (both short and long-term) with more ease and integrity.

In my personal and professional life, I am striving to increase my awareness and intercept my self-critical thinking patterns. A person who is trained to assist me in becoming aware of my blind spots and move past them has made all the difference for me.

What can become more tangible for you by means of coaching?

Contact me now for a free discovery call!

Global Cultural Mindset (Part 1: Values)

For a seemingly long time, the work was becoming smaller as global travel became easier and more and more affordable. Then, a pandemic hit, and the world seemed to expand. Sometimes, the other side of the earth seems to be as far away as another planet. Then again, we are interacting and working with people from all over the world, often in a virtual setting.

In my work as a teacher and a life coach I have come to learn about the cultural challenges a global setting can provide for individuals. In a synthesis of my training as a sociologist, my experience as a teacher, and the many wonderful things I learned from people I have worked with, I have created a program.

The series is called “Developing a Global Cultural Mindset”. Part 1 is all about VALUES: Values answer the question:

In a world where you could choose to have your life be about something,
what would you choose?
(Wilson & Murrell, 2004, 135)

Why is it important to be aware of our values? – Values are our inner compass. Being aware of our values helps us navigate our life in the direction that we choose.

For a short time, the first self-exploratory exercise “Reflection on Values” is available for free.

I am a Lady

… most of the time just from the inside.

I should probably start by define my interpretation of the term: A “lady” is stylish, unique, a bit eccentric, but not annoyingly so, who is not following trends but creating her own. That is me. Normally, I would not refer to myself as a lady tough, because I spend a lot of time doing things that I would not consider typical for a lady – like fixing roofs.

Last Thursday, I was fortunate to go to a small music event. And there, surrounded by inspirational music, beautiful people, and the gorgeous backdrop of our river, I did feel like a lady. The setting reminded me of a similar event in London (Great Britain) in 1993. It was called “Music in the Park”, and there I was introduced to the fine art of enjoying myself and the company I was in, in a natural setting, sitting on blankets, surrounded by picnic baskets and beautiful old trees. It all felt so exquisite that it stayed with me all this time.

When do YOU feel exceptionally yourself?

Nurture with Intention

I love my house. And I love my garden. My property is surrounded by wilderness, I have started o draw a line of where my endeavors end and the freedom of the wild space around me begins. In some way, that is also where my freedom (the freedom to enjoy instead of trying to control and modify for example) begins. I cannot help it. I pull out the grass from the well-fertilized garden beds, and I start grass on the less fertilized and sandy soil around. “Of course”, I thought yesterday, “the grass wants to grow in my garden beds – that’s what I nurture. I have to nurture the grass where I want it to grow.”

What do you want to nurture in your life? And do you do that with the intended outcome in mind?

Meet the Coach

My name is Manuela Zeitlhofer.

I was born in Austria, Europe. When I was a young adult, I left Austria to immigrate to Canada. It was not so much that I did not want to live in Austria, it was more the strong desire to live in the wilderness that led me to Canada – more specifically to the Yukon Territory.

At first, I worked as a tour guide. I was very fortunate to guide tourists into the most pristine parts of the Yukon Territory and Canada. The winters were quiet and long, and so I started teaching as a substitute teacher during the winter. After several years of guiding tourists in the summer and teaching little kids in the winter, I decided that I wanted to be a teacher. It seemed only natural, as in my work as a tour guide, I was also the advocate of nature, guiding and coaching people how to respect nature while enjoying its beauty.