Coaching Boosts Your Success

I think it’s not just how good you are now,
I think it’s how good you’re going to be that really matters. …
(Great coaches) are your external eyes and ears,
providing a more accurate picture of your reality

Atul Gawande

Coaching can be beneficial at any stage of life. Coaching can greatly increase our awareness of the status quo. It can boost us into and support us in making the necessary changes, so we achieve goals (both short and long-term) with more ease and integrity.

In my personal and professional life, I am striving to increase my awareness and intercept my self-critical thinking patterns. A person who is trained to assist me in becoming aware of my blind spots and move past them has made all the difference for me.

What can become more tangible for you by means of coaching?

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Your Vision

Imagine you had a vision. Somewhere you want to be. And you keep postponing to do something about it, because – well – life is busy.

Imagine further that in order to implement your vision, all you had to do was start moving. All you need is to listen to the voice from within, and a little bit of courage to start moving.

Does it matter if you start out and take a few steps in the not-quite-right direction (do we ever literally walk or drive in a straight line to our destination?). No, it does not! Just get up and move! Your path will unfold and road-signs will appear as you come closer. I can assist you with that.

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