Nature Connected Coaching is much more than coaching in the natural environment. Nature is more than just a backdrop: Nature is really the coach.

From an anthropocentric perspective, nature tends to be perceived as at the service of people. And one might argue that many of the environmental problems we are facing today are caused by this overly human-centric perspective.

What if we adopt a more holistic perspective? What as humans we are parts of our natural environment, equal to our fellow living beings, forever interconnected?

I have been experiencing the immense power of nature my whole life. For the longest time, I did not have the awareness to put everything into perspective. My life-path has from a small village in Austria, to the vast wilderness of the Yukon Territory, to the edge of the wilderness in Ontario, from feeling isolated and alone in my head to knowing the benefits of interconnectedness with nature, both external and internal. – Manuela Zeitlhofer

Nature Connected Coaching lends itself to utilizing the power of metaphors, and of the power of our own Inner Nature, as well as of systemic connections.

A coaching example:

Anna felt the weight of the world was on her shoulders…

I invite you to explore the power of nature with me. For a little tastey, you might want to start with my Freebee Sit Spot – A Magical Access Point:


Embark on a Nature Connected Living Quest with me.

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