Life in the Canadian Wilderness

My name is Manuela Zeitlhofer. I have always enjoyed writing. When I first moved into the Canadian Wilderness, I started a blog, on which I shared stories and photos of my life. Intended for friends and family, it soon became apparent that other people like to read those stories, too. So I decided to publish a book (and later another one).

Life has a way of unfolding, and our life in the wilderness of the Yukon Territory has evolved into a life at the edge of the wilderness a little further south-east, but still in Canada. When time permits I write, inspired and nourished by the natural beauty of Canada.

My books Wilderness Life in Canada’s Yukon Territory, Family Life in the Wilderness of Canada’s Yukon Territory, and Child in the Wild: The lost Wolf Pup (including the German versions) are available on Amazon, or directly from me.