Outstanding Teacher
Manuela is an outstanding teacher. She is very attentive to individual learning styles and adjusts her lessons accordingly. She gives great feedback/homework and lessons are not only educational but also fun!
Amanda (German Student), USA, January 13, 2022

Professional and Cordial
Manuela is a professional and warm-hearted German teacher who teaches with passion and a lot of understanding.
I can always count on their reliability and commitment. It offers excellent opportunities to acquire German naturally through conversation and to become familiar with the language. Manuela has been supporting and accompanying me for 6 months and I can therefore recommend her with 100% certainty!
Sara (German Student), Austria, January 12, 2022

Always There for Me
Although we are several thousand kilometers apart, Manuela was always available for me. At first I had a queasy feeling because Manuela might not have known the demands and requirements of the college I was attending.
However, Manuela adapted very quickly to the requirements of the technical college and she was able to accompany me through my entire bachelor thesis, which I passed without any problems thanks to Manuela.
One can rely on Manuela 100%, her professionalism was a great help to me,
without her I would never have passed this work.
If she didn’t get any more feedback or an answer, Manuela always tried to ask and motivated me again.
Edin (German Consulting Client), Switzerland, January 4, 2022

Great attention
I can honestly recommend the lessons with Manuela to anyone who wants to learn German well.
The patience, the friendliness, the knowledge, the skills, the intuition, the adaptability and the wonderful attention
are the character traits of Manuela that make her a super great teacher.
Thanks to her I passed my B2 exam without any problems. My rating: 10/10!
Michael (German Student), Poland/Austria, January 1, 2022

Self-Confidence Increases
Manuela is a very kind, focused, empathic person with a good humor. She aims to help me to become more self-confident in direct and indirect ways. You will know this afterwards, as you begin thinking in a different way.
She uses very useful tools, like parts of psychology, didactics as well as findings of brain research.
And always in a light understanding way. To get more inner peace in stressful situations she helped me to learn
coping strategies in form of different and repeated exercises.
Sabine (Life Coaching Client), Austria, November 11, 2021

Time passes quickly
I’m very satisfied with the lessons. Manuela is kind, patient and has a lot of good ideas. The lessons are fun
and time passes quickly. I’m looking forward to more lessons to achieve my goals. Best regards KRISTIN.
Kristin (English Student), Austria, April 11, 2021

Friendly and customized
Manuela is very friendly and absolutely responds to my needs, it’s fun to work with her.
Erika (English student), Switzerland, February 17, 2021

Enthusiastic and Effective
It is a very pleasant and respectful environment to work with Manuela. She is really enthusiastic about helping you to learn about yourself and be accountable to yourself. Coaching with her has really opened my eyes about my life and what I (!) can do.
Kath (Life Coaching Client), Canada, April 2, 2021

Individualized Service
Manuela is a very good teacher. She is patient and flexible. She adapts our course individually to my needs. She helped me with speaking and grammar. I like every class with Manuela and I recommend her to everyone!
Barbora (German student), Austria, November 7, 2020

FUNtastic Teacher
Manuela is a fantastic teacher! She adjusts her style to students’ needs, provides great explanations, and is fun to talk to!
Anton (German Student), Austria, October 21, 2020

Patient and Attentive
Manuela is a great coach. She is patient and attentive. She is always willing to work with me on all of my questions.
The meetings with her are extremely enjoyable, and they are also super productive. Besides that, she coaches not only because it is her job, but also because of passion. And I find that very important. So if you are thinking about getting a life coach for whatever reason, Manuela will definitely be the right one to turn to!
Alex (Life Coaching Client), Canada, March 6, 2020

Awesome Coach
My first three sessions were really effective. Manuela asked some thought provoking questions,
which gave me what I needed to get moving. She is an awesome coach!
Sandra (Life Coaching Client), Austria, December 5, 2020

Language Skills have improved
I am very happy that I am doing language coaching with Manuela. I believe that even after only four hours,
my language skills have improved! Manuela is also very nice and it is always pleasant to talk to her about everything.
She asks me questions that help me, AND I get to practice my German!
Irina (Language Coaching Client), Russia, October 30, 2019

Interactive, Supportive, Personalized
My first five sessions have been great. Manuela is very interactive and supportive. She asks clear and concise questions and personalizes her sessions according to my goals.
Vern (Life Coaching Client), USA, June 14, 2019

Personable and Knowledgeable
Manuela is an excellent teacher. She is very personable and has a lot of knowledge. I can recommend her warmly.
Cora (German Student), Switzerland, May 19, 2019

Very attentive to all needs and questions
Manuela is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is very attentive to all needs and questions,
ready to work in any necessary formats, gently nudging me in the right directions with great questions
that make me think. The sessions fly by! Looking forward to more!
Anastasia (Life Coaching Client), Canada, January 28, 2019

Patient, clear directions
Manuela is a great language teacher. She speaks very clearly, explains things well and patiently, corrects my errors,
and gives me clear directions. After each lesson I receive feedback on mistakes I made and notes about sentences
that were corrected. Manuela gives examples of how to use grammar correctly.
Learning with her is a pleasure – I recommend her very much!
Marek (German Student), Poland, December 28, 2018