Living Life Authentically!

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Nature: A Magnificent Ally

Nature is where we come from. Yet, alienation from nature is all too common in our world. I welcome nature as my ally and my co-coach. I invite you to open yourself to the wonders of nature.

Mental Fitness Coaching

Mental Fitness pertains to the capacity to meet life’s challenges with a positive mindset, instead of a negative one. As a coach, I assist people in this process of building and maintaining “mental muscles”.


When authenticity is your personal light house it can lead to amazing results. Be you and live your values. Coaching with me will shine light on your blind spots.

Let’s Talk!
The synergy effect makes coaching an incredible tool in producing life-changing results.
Tackle it with a coach, rather than on your own,
to bring out the best in YOU.
I offer different starting points (or packages), depending where you are in your journey. One thing that never changes is my focus on you, my client: I listen to you like few people do. I inquire about your goals, and I support you in reaching them.
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  • Wealth

    Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants. Epictetus Question: How does it feel for you to have few wants? __________ Manuela Zeitlhofer | Authenticity & Mental Fitness Coach (Photo: “Blissful in the Wilderness”, by Manuela Zeitlhofer, 2013)

  • Playing to our strengths

    Playing to your strength means doing what you are able to do well, rather than doing other things.

  • Unique Animals

    We have been enjoying the very unique personalities of several domestic ducks. It all began with a few barnyard-mix ducklings in 2021. In 2022, two Magpie-Cayuga ducklings followed. A number of them were males, so we found them loving new homes where they have been enjoying their own flocks of duck-ladies. At the end of

  • What goes around comes around

    The expression What goes around comes around is backed up by neurological research. Because of neurons in our brain, if we are in sage mode, like joy, curiosity or peace, the person interacting with us will gradually shift to the same mode, which then will fuel our own sage, creating a virtuous cycle. If you