Living Life Authentically!

- As Your Coach I Back You Up -

What is Coaching?

In coaching the client is seen as creative, resourceful and whole: an expert on her or his own life. Coaching focusses on the present and the future (as opposed to the past). Coaches work with clients to maximize their potential.

Mental Fitness Coaching

Mental Fitness pertains to the capacity to meet life’s challenges with a positive mindset, instead of a negative one. As a coach, I assist people in this process of building and maintaining “mental muscles”.


When authenticity is your personal light house it can lead to amazing results. Be you and live your values. Coaching with me will shine light on your blind spots.

Discovery Meeting – No Strings Attached

Synergy is more than the sum of its parts. It’s working together on your goals to bring out the best in YOU.

In my coaching, I use different approaches and materials. One thing that never changes is my focus on you, my client:

I listen to you, I ask you for your goals, and I support you in reaching them.

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  • Wealth

    Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants. Epictetus Question: How does it feel for you to have few wants? __________ Manuela Zeitlhofer | Authenticity & Mental Fitness Coach (Photo: “Blissful in the Wilderness”, by Manuela Zeitlhofer, 2013)

  • My Animal Teachers

    After I had written my previous two posts, a racoon attacked and killed one of our ducks: Dora, a little black female. I was reminded that nature is neither good nor bad, nature just IS. The racoon needs to eat. The ducks don’t fight back. (And I failed to keep them safe, as our electric

  • Animal Communication

    For many people, animal communication is something that only the ‘gifted few’ can achieve. This of course is entirely untrue as we were all born with the ability to talk to and hear animals. Holly Davis, Animal Communication With All Species __________ Challenge: Communicate with the next animal you see. Then drop me a note!

  • Animal Teachers

    How frequently do you interact with animals in your daily life? – Chances are that those interactions are scarce, or limited to pets. Our societies might have separated humans from animals, seeing humans as superior to animals. Yet, we admire certain qualities in specific animals. What can we learn from animals? How about patience, living