Living Life Authentically!

- As Your Coach I Back You Up -

Nature: A Magnificent Ally

Nature is where we come from. Yet, alienation from nature is all too common in our world. I welcome nature as my ally and my co-coach. I invite you to open yourself to the wonders of nature.

Mental Fitness Coaching

Mental Fitness pertains to the capacity to meet life’s challenges with a positive mindset, instead of a negative one. As a coach, I assist people in this process of building and maintaining “mental muscles”.


When authenticity is your personal light house it can lead to amazing results. Be you and live your values. Coaching with me will shine light on your blind spots.

Let’s Talk!
The synergy effect makes coaching an incredible tool in producing life-changing results.
Tackle it with a coach, rather than on your own,
to bring out the best in YOU.
I offer different starting points (or packages), depending where you are in your journey. One thing that never changes is my focus on you, my client: I listen to you like few people do. I inquire about your goals, and I support you in reaching them.
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  • Wealth

    Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants. Epictetus Question: How does it feel for you to have few wants? __________ Manuela Zeitlhofer | Authenticity & Mental Fitness Coach (Photo: “Blissful in the Wilderness”, by Manuela Zeitlhofer, 2013)

  • Your Body Has You Covered

    When the fog is too thick for you to find your way around, your body knows where to go. That might be a bit of a metaphorical exaggeration. Please bear with me as I unroll my thoughts: Unfortunately, our area is currently experiencing dense smog from wildfires in this and other provinces of Canada. While

  • When Life Happens

    We live on the side of a beautiful creek. In the spring, the water level is fairly high and the current is fairly strong; strong enough so I can swim in it without moving in relation to the shore line. It is perfect: cool, refreshing, clean. The birds are singing, the mosquitoes cannot get to

  • Fit Body & Fit Mind

    I have good news and a reality check. Let me tell you a story, and you can see if you can find the good news! If you are lucky, your body was naturally fit in your younger years. For example, you could eat whatever you wanted without gaining any weight, for example, and you were