My Story

I was born in Austria and grew up in a small village that was sitting on a rolling hill just north of the Danube. Life was good and predictable.

I felt like the world could be bigger. So I started to explore it. And that is how I landed in Canada. My goal was to live as far north as possible, where the human population is not dense, and nature is to live with and not to cultivate. I found the Yukon Territory, where I spent 12 years as wilderness guide, as teacher, and as homesteader in the wilderness.

Unfortunately, I needed to learn that I could not live with a (good) man and his alcoholism, so I left, and I moved myself and my then four-year-old daughter to Ontario, where I was very fortunate to find another little paradise in the form of an old house by a babbling creek, not unlike the ones I knew from Austria.

As a single parent it was my prime goal to take care of my child, while renovating my house – all that while make a living. A skill I had learned when I was living in the wilderness came in very handy: to improvise and to trust that I can do it. So, step by step, my child has been growing up, and the house is getting to a point where I still see the need to fix up things wherever I look, but I am not overwhelmed anymore. Instead, I know that I can do it.

Today, my life is full of love and content, and the world is part of our lives. As a life coach, I would like to assist my clients to gain the confidence to know they can create the life of their dreams, with me walking by their side for part of the way.

Professional Training

Master’s degrees in Social- and Economic Sciences and in Teaching, as well as training and certifications as a Professional Life Coach serve as foundation of my Life Coaching Services.

Why I am a Life Coach

I discovered the field of life coaching while I was working in related fields:

As a professional teacher: I have been teaching languages to adults for more than 10 years. Teaching morphed more and more into life coaching as my services are highly individualized and my clients are goal-driven, self-directed and very intelligent.

As a sociologist and social worker: My second professional root is sociology. I worked in a number of different social management positions. Without fail, a holistic view of a client always led to the most sustainable results. For example, I worked as a social worker with unemployed youth. The program was rigid, and success was defined as finding and keeping work. The most sustainable results were achieved when the whole person was supported.

As a wilderness tour guide: I worked as a guide for camping and hiking tours in the Yukon Territory and in Alaska. My job was to drive a 13-passenger van, cook dinners, guide hikes, manage campsite-setup, and mediate social interactions between customers. Seeing everybody as whole, capable and resourceful was the absolute best approach in that kind of work: during strenuous hikes, long drives, never ending rainfall, and conflict situations.

As a writer: I have lived in the Canadian wilderness for 11 years. For 8 of those years I lived off grid, without road access, power or running water. During that time, I began to write about my life, the challenges and the revelations. The things I learned about self-reliance have shaped my world-view and are part of my repertoire as a life coach.

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