If you believe that every action is preceded by a thought,
then there is causal connection between the focus of your thoughts and the realisation of your actions.

Mental Fitness is an ideal starting point for a self-determined life.
– Manuela Zeitlhofer

Mental Fitness pertains to the capacity to meet life’s challenges with a positive mindset instead of a negative one.
In a clearly comprehensible operating system, New York Times bestselling author Shirzad Chamine has identified 10 saboteurs (the negative voices) and our sage abilities to counteract them. According to Shirzad “your mind is constantly sabotaging your potential for both performance and happiness. All your negative emotions, including stress, are the result of self-sabotage”. Read more about the concept of Positive Intelligence.

As a professional coach offering Mental Fitness Coaching I am authorized to offer special deals on the Positive Intelligence® Mental Fitness Program. Here you can read more about my 8-Week-Mental Fitness Foundations Program.

Mental Fitness training has added a new dimension of freedom to my life and the lives of people I have been working with.

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