Synergy is more than the sum of its parts.
It’s working together on your goals to bring out the best in YOU.

  • I assist professionals in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s in finding their passion, so that they wake up every day to lead a fulfilled and content life.
  • I am the ideal coach for professionals who live away from their culture of origin, and who want to feel at home where they are and be happy with who they are.
  • I am the ideal coach for busy professionals who want to draw energy and inspiration from nature.
  • I challenge you to step into you fullest potential. Always.

My Ideal Client is ready…

  • … to do the work that is necessary to bring on the changes they desire.
  • … for the compassionate openness and honesty that comes with coaching.
  • … to accept the challenge and to be held accountable.

How it Works

As your coach, with your permission, I may ask challenging questions to explore the motivations behind your goals and uncover the true reasons behind your obstacles.

Expect to do most of the heavy lifting. You are highly encouraged to commit to homework action items that are designed to push your boundaries and get you closer to your goal.

I believe in your potential and will endlessly advocate for your dreams. I will keep you accountable and honest and I operate free of judgment.

I am your partner in achieving your full potential.

Coaching is NOT advice-giving. Instead, coaching is a system of techniques in which I, as the coach, will ask powerful questions that are designed to invoke insights and aha! moments.

As a coach, I believe
that you are complete, creative and resourceful,
and most importantly
that you have your own answers.
My job is to assist you in finding them!