Mental Fitness Training has become the foundation of my Nature Coaching Program.
Here are two metaphorical scenarios:

Scenario 1

Imagined a frazzled You embarking on a life-changing journey into nature: You are not combed, you are not properly dressed, you do not know if you have your wallet on you. You cannot find the right shoes. The taxi is honking outside, and you rush off. Have you even remembered to turn off the stove?

Scenario 2

Now imagine an altered scenario: You have spent the past 8 weeks getting ready for your journey of self-discovery and self-care into nature. Your clothes are packed (the rest is hanging in your closet). You are ready to go, your shoes are clean and waiting by the front door. Your stove is off, your lights are out. Your wallet, a water bottle and some snacks are in your carry-on bag. Your toothbrush is packed. You even have 10 minutes to spare before the taxi arrives. You sit at your table, take a look around, and then you get up and deliberately start your journey.

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