In this 12-week-program, you will really tune in to your vision. Once a week, you meet with me. Every week, you explore another area of your inner nature, until it all comes together and leaves you refreshed, with a new sense of purpose and direction.

A series of carefully crafted exercises that are based on scientific research guide you towards your vision: from setting the stage to brainstorming, to exploring from different angles and both areas of your brain to focussing on the possibilities ahead, your inherent strengths, towards action planning and taking action, to maintaining momentum, on your quest to realising your vision.

Here are a few cornerstones of the quest:

Before the quest begins, you will be asked to complete two exploratory exercises: You will receive a set of questions you can reflect on and answer. Some of these questions are: What are the big questions that won’t go away for you? / What’s getting in the way of what you want to do? /When are you at your best, and who gets to benefit from this most?

You will also explore your character strengths in a short online survey.

The purpose of those two exercises is to align you with your strengths and to give us a shared language around this topic for the quest ahead.

When you arrive for your Quest, that is, in our first coaching session, I will ask you to share with me everything that is relevant to your desire to create a vision.

Aside from sharing verbally (in a narrative interview), you will also explore kinaesthetically (through drawing spontaneously), analytically (by formulating questions about the most important areas that demand attention in your life), intuitively (by partaking in a visualisation-exercise), a walk in nature (where you explore past highs and lows), followed by a values discussion (how do those highs and lows relate to your values and character strengths).

By this time, you have reached a point where you will start to plan actions based on your strengths. Everything that happened on your quest so far will begin to come together, as your inner wisdom – assisted by your coach – guides you towards planning your actions. When you are ready, you will start to move towards your vision, step by step. Ongoing (bi-weekly) coaching sessions are designed to keep you well aligned and maintain momentum.

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