6-Week Program for Professional Women living in a Secondary Culture, who are Craving more Time for Themselves

• Are you a self-confident woman who is living in a culture that she did not grow up in?
• Are you juggling a lot of different things in life?
• Do you crave more life-purpose?
• Do you believe in the power of the support of like-minded people?

Then this group might be for you!

After six weeks you will walk away with a greater sense of awareness. You will have strengthened and adapted existing coping strategies, and you will have a group of peers you feel connected to.

A free individual coaching session of 30 minutes leads up to this program. The goal is to make sure the coaching group is a good fit for you, for the group and for me as a coach.

The focus of this group is to…

  • develop awareness
  • create a sense of belonging
  • strengthen and adapt existing coping strategies
  • address topics each participant brings

I am looking forward to hearing from you! You can either sign up, or complete my questionnaire:


As a coach, I believe
that you are completecreative and resourceful,
and most importantly
that you have your own answers.
My job is to assist you in finding them!